Health & Wellbeing

A Stimulating Environment

Munns Farm Day Nursery is uniquely set up to give each age group a stimulating indoor as well as outdoor environment. A dedicated garden with toys and areas to explore, a playing field and nearby footpaths all support our aim for children to go out into the countryside and have as much outdoor fun as possible.

Playing and exploring outside means exercise, connecting to nature and a high level of freedom where children can be themselves. Each one of these elements are known to be of great value to mental as well as physical health. Lungs, heart, muscles and bones all benefit from movement, fresh air and daylight. Exposure to sunlight is also known to boost the immune system. The freedom they experience and the connection to nature has been proven to reduce stresses and anxiety. It has also been shown to improve concentration levels and the ability to focus and learn.

So outdoor play and movement keeps children fit and healthy. Our outdoor opportunities provide a sense of well-being and happiness that is hard to beat.

Gardening at Munns Farm Day Nursery Hertford


Happy and Healthy Meals

At Munns Farm, we prepare all of our meals daily on the premises. Our team sources food locally where possible, ensuring that meals are fresh and tasty, nutritious and balanced. The menu changes daily to keep meals seasonal. 

Menus are designed and created under guidance from NHS Health and Nutrition experts for under 5’s. Attached is a sample menu.

Because we prepare meals on the premises, we can cater for different dietary requirements, allergies and tastes, to ensure meal times are always happy and healthy.






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